Law Enforcement Solutions

The demand for DNA testing by state laboratories continues to increase at a rate higher than supply can be met, and inevitably so does the time to provide results. While the majority of your case evidence can be submitted to your state laboratory, we provide services on a contractual and case-by-case basis at faster turnaround times determined by you. We can quickly accommodate an increased workload and still treat every single case as a priority.

If your case requires fast and accurate results and technology currently not available through your state laboratory, we will be glad to discuss the case with you and suggest the best next steps for optimal results.

New technologies that could solve your unsolved case NOW:

  • STRmix™ – software that will solve your cases with previously inconclusive mixed DNA profiles.
  • M-VAC® – a superior wet vacuum collection technique that allows for maximum DNA collection.
  • New swabbing technique for Gun Possession Cases – contact us for the latest procedure.

DNA Initiatives with Discounted Pricing Available:

  • Gun Possession
  • High-volume Property Crimes
  • Sexual Assault Kits
  • We also have a discounted preferred client program available.

See Services for a more in-depth look at these technologies.

Government Laboratory Solutions

With daily increases in demand for DNA analysis, we understand the continuously increasing work government labs are faced with. That is why we are grateful for the opportunity to work in a partnership role alongside your team.

Acting as a support role, we will take cases that may otherwise unavoidably be delayed, yet require more immediate attention, we can also help solve cases that could utilize technologies currently not accessible to your lab. We can work any kit or technique required by your lab.

Contact Us for Outsourcing of Forensic Casework including:

  • Sexual Assault Kits
  • Homicides
  • Cold Cases
  • Gun Possession
  • High-volume Property Crimes
  • Products of Conception/Criminal Paternity
  • Bones
  • M-VAC®
  • STRmix™

References, audits and site visits available!

Attorney Solutions

NEW! STRmix™ – software that will solve your cases with previously inconclusive mixed DNA profiles.

DNA analysis has not only become popular, but is now expected in the courtroom. We will work with you to fully understand your case and how we can help from the initial consultation to step-by-step discussions, as well as giving recommendations for the best results and providing you with expert witness testimony.

Our analysts have been deemed court-qualified experts in the field of forensic DNA in state, federal and international courts of law and welcome the opportunity to help you solve your next case.

Contact Us For:

  • Case Review
  • Additional Testing
  • Expedited Casework
  • Better Results
  • New Technology

Custom SNP and VNTR Solutions

DNA Labs International provides customized single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and Variable Number Tandem Repeat (VNTR) solutions.

DNA Labs International processes SNP and VNTR panel testing for:

Forensic Casework

Forensic investigatory panels that aim to determine phenotypic traits from DNA profiles of unknown suspects. Some of the traits include hair, skin and eye color, and can determine ethnicity of an unknown DNA profile.


Current panels determine how your client is genetically predisposed to respond to medications.

Clinical Research

We can perform any testing you may need for your research or grant.

Corporate Solutions

Our expert panel design team can guide you from panel marker selection through the custom panel design experience. Panels at DNA Las International utilize 3130xl Genetic Analyzers and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) Mass Spectrometry technology. And gel electrophoresis utilizing The FlashGel™ System.

Please contact us for more information and how we can work with you!


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Cost-effective, accurate results and a successful outcome all start with how you submit your casework.

Make the submission process easier by following these four simple steps and you’ll have your analysis in no time.

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