Forensic Casework Analysis

DNA Labs International is a leader in forensic casework and applies the latest technology available to obtain accurate results. Our capabilities include STR and Y-STR DNA analysis. For better results, we also employ the latest screening, collection techniques and expert software for additional analysis.

Contract or Case-by-Case

We have established partnerships offering contract casework or case-by case services with law enforcement agencies, government labs and attorneys across the US and the Caribbean. We are easy to collaborate with to obtain the best results in the most cost effective manner. We strive for quality with every case.

When you need us we are there for:

Backlog Reduction

We are contracted by government labs to work casework the way you do.

Grant Funding

We are here when you receive grant money for DNA testing. We can even assist your grant writer to help you with your grant writing process.

Cold Cases

Our team has worked with many cold case teams over the years. With the latest technology we have solved cold cases 30 years old!

Sexual Assault Kits

Our streamlined procedures allow for fast processing of sexual assault kit evidence at a low cost to you.


We are here to help you solve your case with DNA. We provide free consultation to talk about your case and any questions you may have. We can guide you through the testing process, our latest technologies and get the results you are looking for quickly and affordably.

We successfully process evidence for all case types:

  • Homicides
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Gun Possession
  • Cold Cases
  • Criminal Paternity Testing & Products of Conception
  • High Volume Property Crimes
  • Post-conviction
  • Bones
  • Touch DNA
  • Expert Witness/ Case Review

Screening & Serology

Our serologists and DNA analysts are trained to screen evidence for the presence of bodily fluids, such as blood, saliva and semen, and prepare the evidence for DNA analysis. DNA can be extracted from minute traces of human biological material for profiling.

Examples of items with biological evidence if collected and stored properly:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding & Bath Towels
  • Undergarments
  • Water Bottles
  • Carpet/ Rug
  • Cars
  • And Much More

Any or all of the following tests may be performed on evidentiary items:

  • Y-Screening
  • Blood Testing
  • Human Saliva
  • Presumptive Semen Testing
  • Confirmatory Semen Testing
  • Alternative Light Source


The NEW M-Vac® Collection Technique

DNA Labs International now has the capability to process evidence with the M-VAC® wet vacuum for DNA collection. Our scientists have extensive experience processing evidence samples with the M-VAC®. Please call for more in depth information and to see if this is the right technology for your case! When to use the M-VAC®


Resolve Your Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Faster!

DNA Labs International sexual assault kit processing is tailored to accommodate your needs. Y-screening technology, targeting the DNA from the Y chromosome only found in males, allows our examiners to process sexual assault kits faster. Sexual assault kits with male suspects only move forward for autosomal STR testing when male DNA is present after the quantification process. Y-screening allows us to streamline the sexual assault kit process getting through your backlog faster. Serological testing such as microscopic sperm searches can be provided for the client on male DNA positive kits upon request.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can eliminate your backlog and prevent a backlog from occurring.

DNA Analysis


Once the DNA is isolated from the evidence, a DNA analyst determines if the sample will require a differential or non-differential extraction. Various extraction methods are currently in place at DNA Labs International. Our analysts will decide the best methods to achieve the maximum results possible.

Non-Differential Extraction:

  • Organic Extraction
  • Chelex® 100 Resin
  • Automated – Qiagen QIAcube & Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL
  • Automated – PrepFiler® Forensic DNA Extraction Kit – Tecan Freedom Evo

Differential Extraction:

  • Organic Extraction
  • Automated – Qiagen QIAcube & Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL


DNA Labs International can work with any commercially available Quantification Kit on the market. We utilize kits that quantify the total amount of amplifiable autosomal and male DNA present.

All chemistries are run on the Applied Biosystems Real Time 7500 instrument. The Tecan Freedom Evo 150 Robot is capable of performing the setup for quantitation. A manual quantitation setup may also be performed if necessary.

  • PowerQuant® System

In certain scenarios, such as when a sample shows inhibition at this stage, repetition of the phenol/chloroform extraction may be necessary. Repeating the extraction process is an additional step we perform, at our own expense, to increase the chances of obtaining comparable profiles.


Here is where our DNA analysts determine the optimal DNA test for your evidentiary sample, either STR or Y-STR based on the review of the quantification results.

An analyst may require a sample to be concentrated/cleaned up at this time if necessary to achieve the best results. This is another additional step we perform, at our own expense, to increase the chances of obtaining comparable profiles.

Microcon filters are used to concentrate samples with low quantities of DNA in order to maximize the chance of obtaining a DNA profile.

The Tecan Freedom Evo 150 Robot makes the master mix, dilutes the samples appropriately if needed, and then pipettes the master mix and samples into a 96-well plate. We currently can use the Robot to set-up for amplification. The Robot can set-up 88 samples for amplification in each run. A manual amplification setup using any kit may also be performed if necessary.

The sample is then amplified or copied utilizing the ABI 9700 Thermal Cycler.

STR DNA Analysis

Our DNA analysts utilize STR testing, which evaluates specific regions (loci) that are found in nuclear DNA, to discriminate one DNA profile from another. Our STR tests include the original CODIS 13 core loci as well as the newest 20 CODIS core loci outlined by the FBI.

All DNA Analysis is performed on the Applied Biosystem 3500xl instruments.

STR Amplification Kits

DNA Labs International can work with any commercially available STR Kit on the market.
STRmix interpretation is available for all autosomal STR DNA profiling systems.

24-locus Multiplex STR kits available:

  • PowerPlex® Fusion System
  • Direct amplification using the PowerPlex® Fusion System / Fusion 6C
  • GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit
  • GlobalFiler™ Express PCR Amplification Kit
  • Qiagen Investigator 24plex QS Kits with Quality Sensor

PowerPlex® Fusion System

The PowerPlex® Fusion System is a 24-locus multiplex for human identification applications including forensic analysis, relationship testing and research use. This extended panel of STR markers is intended to satisfy both CODIS and ESS recommendations.

The PowerPlex® Fusion System works well with extracted DNA samples, including low amounts of template DNA, mixtures and inhibitor-laden samples. The PowerPlex® Fusion System also is compatible with direct amplification, enabling streamlined STR databasing efforts.


The GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit, 24-locus STR kit that combines maximum compatibility with global databasing loci standards, with dramatically reduced amplification time and superior discrimination power, helping to enable forensic DNA labs worldwide to maximize information recovery and improve overall efficiency. The GlobalFiler® kit is part of a fully integrated and validated forensic DNA workflow backed by best-in-class global training, service, and support. This kit is optimized for casework samples.

DNA Labs International implements the latest cutting edge technology available to process forensic DNA casework. We can work with any commercially available chemicals/kits on the market. We utilize the methods, kits and instrumentation listed below that allow us to provide the most accurate results with very quick turnaround times.

Y-STR Amplification Kits

In addition to STR testing, our analysts perform Y-STR analysis, which only targets male DNA. Y-STR is often used in sexual assault cases where the amount of female DNA would typically overpower any potential male DNA in a given sample. You can also retest items of evidence with Y-STR when you did not get a foreign profile with typical STR analysis.

Our analysts can perform traditional STR testing alongside Y-STR testing on the same piece of evidence, and then multiply the statistical results to achieve an overall more discriminating statistic.

The new Y-STR kits have a higher degree of sensitivity allowing for full profiles on items of evidence that didn’t previously yield a result. Increased loci even means the power to differentiate between some males in the same family line.

Reasons to use Y-STR testing:

  • On Fingernail Clippings
  • Sexual Assault Evidence
  • Female DNA overwhelms male DNA on any item or sample
  • Determining the total number of male contributors to a mixture
  • Familial Testing

Multiplex Y-STR kits available:

  • PowerPlex® Y23 System
  • AmpFLSTR® Yfiler®Plus

STR DNA Results From Rootless Hair Shafts

New! Hair Shaft Testing

We implemented a new specialized DNA extraction method and amplification kits with increased sensitivity that have allowed for DNA Labs International to obtain an STR DNA profile from the hair shaft.

  • Only 1-3 cm piece of hair required
  • NEW Technology (Kits) & NEW DNA Analysis Software

Prior to this technology, only Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) could be obtained from hair shafts, and mtDNA only links an individual to a maternal line. Additionally, some mtDNA profiles are very common among the general population. STRs are unique to each individual.

Report Writing & Review

A DNA Analyst will analyze all DNA data with GeneMapper®ID or GeneMapper®ID-X software and interpret the results. In some cases, the new expert software STRmix™ may be recommended to achieve a result with previously unresolved mixtures.

Next an independent technical review is performed by another DNA analyst, and this is where the results are reviewed and corroborated.

After the technical review is complete, an administrative review is performed that serves as a final evaluation of the case and a court admissible report is issued.

Property Crimes

Collect DNA From Evidence & Repeat Burglars for Investigative Leads

  • Collect Buccal Swabs of Known Offenders to Build Up Your Local Database

    A Local DNA Database is a powerfully targeted tool to align directly with your agencies goals and resources.

  • Collect Evidence Swabs from Property Crime Scenes

    A batch can vary from 10 to 300+ swabs and costs vary with volume. Low pricing available for batched cases.

  • Send Monthly Batches of Buccal & Evidence Swabs to DNA Labs International

    All of the DNA Profiles developed will be housed in our Combined International DNA Database – CIDD.

Build Your Local DNA Database

A local database is more flexible and can include:

  • DNA profiles even when an item doesn’t meet CODIS collection criteria.
  • Mixed and partial profiles along with more advanced testing technologies, such as 24 loci STR profiles, Y-STR and Y-23. This exponentially increases your match potential.
  • Reference profiles voluntarily provided.
  • We Track Your Results For FREE!
  • Much more! Please inquire at


Why Test Property Crimes With DNA?

For valid reasons, property crimes are not often a priority for DNA testing by government labs with the more violent crimes taking precedence. However, these types of cases have a high rate of recidivism and occur about nine times more often than violent crimes. They are costly to both the victims and law enforcement agencies as a habitual burglar can commit over 200 crimes a year each averaging $1,500.00 in property loss.1<

The Property Crime Initiative was introduced to address a concern for every community’s safety. Processing property crimes for DNA along with building a Local DNA Database is a cost-effective way to remove these potentially violent offenders from a community.

In a Florida study, 52 percent of database hits against murder and sexual assault cases matched individuals who had prior convictions for burglary. In an NIJ Field Experiment; they concluded that DNA evidence was five times as likely to ID a suspect than fingerprinting and it was nine times as likely to yield an arrest.2

Benefits of Participating in a Property Crime Initiative at DNA Labs International

  • Low per swab pricing for DNA testing.
  • Repeat offenders are removed from the community, possibly reducing crime and avoiding escalation in types of crimes committed.
  • Plea deals, prosecution and sentencing rates increase.
  • Hits are made through your local DNA database.
  • CODIS eligible profiles are reviewed and uploaded by FDLE (FDLE agencies only).
  • Case closure and past case clearance rates could increase for property crimes and other offenses.
  • Residual financial and personnel investigative time savings.

Learn more at

  1. Edwin Zedlewski and Mary B. Murphy. “DNA Analysis for ‘Minor’ Crimes Yields Major Benefits in Public Safety. “DNA in ‘Minor’ (pdf, 4 pages),” NIJ In Short, November 2004, NCJ 207203.
  2. Roman JK, Reid S, Reid J, Chalfin, A, Adams W, Knight C. The DNA field experiment: Cost-effectiveness analysis of the use of DNA in the investigation of high-volume crimes. Washington, DC: Urban Institute; April 2008. For more information: (title:

Case Review & Expert Witness Services

Please contact us for case reviews and expert witness services.

Case Reviews

Our DNA Analysts perform full case reviews that ensure correct results were achieved, all laboratory protocols were upheld and recommended standards for forensic testing laboratories were met, including guidelines for DNA mixture interpretation. We look into all aspects of the case file and may even suggest additional testing if required or recommend new technology that may benefit the case. We perform case reviews for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and government laboratories.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our serologists and DNA Analysts are court-qualified as experts in the field of serology and DNA in state, federal and international courts of law.

  • We provide pretrial preparation for attorneys.
  • The testimony provided is delivered clear and concise for the jury.

Free Services

DNA analysis is not simply a process of submitting evidence, extracting DNA and obtaining results. In order to make the process cost-effective, the results accurate, and the final outcome a success, there are a number of additional services that we offer for free.

Free Training

DNA Labs International provides ongoing training to update agencies about the latest technology available to help your case, evidence collection and preservation, walks you through an overview of DNA analysis and real case studies. We customize our trainings to fit your needs.

Free Case Review

To go over every case and help determine the best and most cost-effective next steps to obtain optimal results.

Free Combined International DNA Database – CIDD

We create and maintain a DNA database for each one of our clients at absolutely no charge. It allows you to compare profiles in our combined International DNA Database (CIDD). CIDD houses STR and Y-STR profiles. This is not a product we sell but a free service we provide.

Free Grant Writer’s Network

We are here to help you in the grant application process to obtain necessary funds for DNA analysis.

Grants Utilized for DNA Analysis

  • Coverdell Grant – NIJ Grant
  • DNA Backlog Reduction Program – NIJ Grant
  • Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Funding – JAG Grant
  • The New York County District Attorney’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Program
  • National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) FY 2015 Competitive Grant Announcement


Submit a case in four easy steps

Cost-effective, accurate results and a successful outcome all start with how you submit your casework.

Make the submission process easier by following these four simple steps and you’ll have your analysis in no time.

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