Paternity Testing

Results You Can Count On

With the use of genetic profiling, paternity testing determines whether two individuals have a biological parent-child relationship. Half of our DNA comes from our father and half from our mother. Our testing is 99.9% accurate and court admissible.

At DNA Labs International we have the experience that will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. We are responsive, fast, and you will find our team very easy to work with and extremely professional. All consultations and results are completely confidential.

Because we do all the testing in-house and we use the latest technology available, we are able to offer you accurate results and competitive pricing.

And in case you have concerns about the sample collection process, it is a simple swab of the inside of the cheeks.

For more information and pricing, please contact us at: 954.426.5163 or send an email to

Kinship & Relationship Analysis

Familial Testing

DNA analysis is performed to determine the relatedness between two or more individuals. Our Scientists are very knowledgeable and are available for any questions you may have regarding your possible family relationship. Please contact us for more information.

Examples of relationships tested:

  • Siblings & Half Siblings
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • Grandparentage

Criminal Paternity Testing

We process criminal paternity cases at DNA Labs International. This testing can help prove a crime took place by testing a product of conception or by swabbing a child that resulted from the crime.

A criminal paternity case may be required in these cases:

  • Rape or Sexual Assault Cases
  • Incest or sexual abuse of a child occurs


Submit a case in four easy steps

Cost-effective, accurate results and a successful outcome all start with how you submit your casework.

Make the submission process easier by following these four simple steps and you’ll have your analysis in no time.

Submit a Case

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Fill Out the Form

pack the evidence


Pack the Evidence

deliver the evidence


Deliver the Evidence