New Technology

It is a top priority to employ the latest technology and techniques available. This allows agencies an opportunity to achieve the best results possible and to solve cases that were unsolvable before.

Now available:

  • STRmix™ is a breakthrough in the field of Forensics! It can solve cases that were unsolvable.
  • The M-VAC® is a superior wet vacuum collection technique that collects the maximum amount of DNA possible.
  • 24-locus multiplex STR kits are more sensitive and can be used with smaller amounts of DNA than ever before to generate DNA profiles in cases where you may have gotten no or insufficient results before.

STR DNA Analysis

Our DNA analysts utilize STR testing, which evaluates specific regions (loci) that are found in nuclear DNA, to discriminate one DNA profile from another. Our STR tests include the original CODIS 13 core loci as well as the newest 20 CODIS core loci outlined by the FBI.

All DNA Analysis is performed on the Applied Biosystem 3130xl instruments.

STR Amplification Kits

DNA Labs International can work with any commercially available STR Kit on the market.

24-locus Multiplex STR kits available:

  • PowerPlex® Fusion System
  • Direct amplification using the PowerPlex® Fusion System
  • GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit
  • GlobalFiler™ Express PCR Amplification Kit
  • Qiagen Investigator 24plex QS Kits with Quality Sensor

PowerPlex® Fusion System

The PowerPlex® Fusion System is a 24-locus multiplex for human identification applications including forensic analysis, relationship testing and research use. This extended panel of STR markers is intended to satisfy both CODIS and ESS recommendations.

The PowerPlex® Fusion System works well with extracted DNA samples, including low amounts of template DNA, mixtures and inhibitor-laden samples. The PowerPlex® Fusion System also is compatible with direct amplification, enabling streamlined STR databasing efforts.


The GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification Kit, 24-locus STR kit that combines maximum compatibility with global databasing loci standards, with dramatically reduced amplification time and superior discrimination power, helping to enable forensic DNA labs worldwide to maximize information recovery and improve overall efficiency. The GlobalFiler® kit is part of a fully integrated and validated forensic DNA workflow backed by best-in-class global training, service, and support. This kit is optimized for casework samples.

DNA Labs International implements the latest cutting edge technology available to process forensic DNA casework. We can work with any commercially available chemicals/kits on the market. We utilize the methods, kits and instrumentation listed below that allow us to provide the most accurate results with very quick turnaround times.


In addition to STR testing, our analysts perform Y-STR analysis, which only targets male DNA. Y-STR is often used in sexual assault cases where the amount of female DNA would typically overpower any potential male DNA in a given sample. You can also retest items of evidence with Y-STR when you did not get a foreign profile with typical STR analysis.

Our analysts can perform traditional STR testing alongside Y-STR testing on the same piece of evidence, and then multiply the statistical results to achieve an overall more discriminating statistic.

Y-23 has a higher power of discrimination from 23 loci results in fewer false-positive matches.

Reasons to use Y-STR testing:

  • On Fingernail Clippings
  • Sexual Assault Evidence
  • Female DNA overwhelms male DNA on any item or sample.
  • Determining the total number of male contributors to a mixture.
  • Familial Testing

PowerPlex® Y23 System

This system looks at 23 Y-STR loci, and has been proven to be the most sensitive Y-STR system we utilize.

AmpFLSTR® Yfiler®

This system looks at 17 Y-STR loci.

InnoTyper® 21 Kit – STR Testing

For challenging forensic samples.

High sensitivity and can obtain results from:

  • Extremely degraded and/or low level forensic samples
  • Bone fragments
  • Rootless hair shafts

This technology is significantly more discriminating and less labor-intensive than mitochondrial DNA sequencing.

It provides valuable utility for difficult family relationships, kinship, missing person and mass disaster victim identification cases.

Some examples of evidence:

  • Cold Case Samples
  • Touch/ Contact DNA
  • Bones
  • Clothes



Freedom Evo® – Tecan
Qiagen QIAcube
Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL


9700 Thermal Cycler
7500 Real-Time PCR System
3130XL Genetic Analyzer
3500XL Genetic Analyzer
MassARRAY® System



The NEW M-Vac® Collection Technique

DNA Labs International has the market-leading forensics vacuum. The M-Vac® System raises the collection standard, and has potential to dramatically improve surface sampling capabilities in nearly every scenario. A sterile solution is sprayed onto the surface to loosen DNA material while simultaneously vacuuming around the wet area to collect the buffer and DNA.

Effective testing is based on three principles:


Scalable to large areas which increases the probability of discovering DNA on random zones across the surface.


The mini hurricane forces DNA material to release from the surface and the vacuum captures the cells.


The buffer and DNA material concentration is poured through a filter and then tested to provide more sensitive and scalable DNA results.

When to use the M-VAC®:

  • On textured, porous and rough substrate sampling
  • When sampling large surface areas
  • For deeper surface extraction
  • To achieve better collection results
  • Greater sampling & detection confidence

Some Examples of Successful Evidence:

  • Touch/Contact DNA
  • Cold Case Evidence
  • Clothing, Pant Pockets & Masks
  • Duct Tape
  • Porous Materials – Bricks, Rocks, Wood
  • Car Seats,Trunks & the Carpet Floor
  • Ropes, Gloves & Wigs
  • Evidence that did not yield DNA results by swabbing

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STRmix™ is a Breakthrough in Forensics

This expert forensic software can resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles and is currently available at DNA Labs International. Developed by world leaders in the field, it uses a fully continuous approach for DNA profile interpretation, resolving complex DNA mixtures with no restriction on the number of contributors. Works best with mixtures of 5 people or less.

STRmix™ is a breakthrough for forensic analysts as it can assist investigations using DNA evidence that was previously considered too complex to interpret. The software has been developed by New Zealand Crown research institute ESR, with Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA). It has been in use for forensic casework since 2012.

STRmix™ includes a function that allows the software to match mixed DNA profiles directly against a database. This is a major advance for cases where there are no suspects and there is DNA from multiple contributors in one sample.

With STRmix™ we can:

  • Interpret DNA results faster.
  • Compare profiles against a person of interest and calculate a likelihood ratio.
  • Resolve previously unresolvable, complex DNA mixtures with no restriction on the number of contributors.
  • Use more of the information in a DNA profile & get better results.
  • Search complex, mixed DNA profiles against a database.

For more information please visit: STRmix


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