No CODIS Hit? We’ve Got Genealogy!

Expert Forensic Genealogy

DNA results may only take you so far. When a case does not yield a CODIS hit or a match to a known suspect’s DNA profile, forensic genealogy can assist your case and provide you with new leads. We can process evidence from homicides, sexual assaults, violent crimes, unidentified remains and products of conception. We have over 15 years of experience processing evidence from difficult samples from cold cases, bones and degraded samples.

We have an in-house Genealogy Team that works closely with you to help find the person(s) of interest by building out a family tree utilizing public DNA databases. Our expert Genealogist and DNA Analysts have extensive experience working evidence and cases for forensic genealogy.

How it Works

Forensic Genealogy utilizes SNPs (or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) for analysis. It may be possible to perform SNP testing on your existing DNA extracts!

We evaluate your case to see if you can utilize your existing DNA extracts by assessing the amount & quality of DNA present. If the DNA extracts are not suitable or if there are no DNA extracts available, then we will determine the additional evidence testing we can perform to attain enough DNA for SNPs.

Step 1 – Evidence Sampling for Extraction

  • We process your case evidence and create the DNA extracts, which are then sent to a federally compliant CAP/CLIA certified laboratory for SNP testing.
  • If there are DNA extracts already available, the DNA may be quantified and if suitable, the extract will be sent for SNP testing.
  • If the evidence was recently extracted, it may be possible to review the quantification data so that the DNA extract can be sent directly for SNP testing without an additional quantification.

Step 2 – Upload to Genealogy Websites

  • Next, we upload the SNP results into two large DNA databases! Currently we are able to upload to both Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch databases! This gives you access to millions of other SNP profiles for comparison.
    • It is also possible to obtain DNA phenotyping results to predict hair, skin and eye color of the person(s) of interest.
  • The results of these database uploads are reviewed by our in-house Genealogist, and a report will be issued directly to you via email. We are happy to go over the results with you in detail to decide the next steps.
  • If the report indicates further research would benefit your case, our Genealogist will research and begin building the family tree(s).
    • Some cases may require additional time, and we would reach out to you to authorize any additional research time required.

Step 3 – Results

  • If potential person(s) of interest are identified as a result of the genealogy report and your investigation, a buccal swab or secondary standard can be collected from the person(s) of interest for direct comparison to the existing DNA profile in order to issue a statistic and generate a report for court.
  • If no person(s) of interest are identified initially, your profile will continue to be searched against newly uploaded profiles in the databases to determine if new leads may be generated.
    • You will be notified if new matches and leads are identified.

New Technology For Genealogy

DNA Labs International is the only accredited Forensic Laboratory Generating Forensic Genetic Genealogy profiles from start to finish.

Forenseq™ Kintelligence

Forenseq™ Kintelligence is the only kit designed with forensic samples in mind, human-specific, and uses 10,230 SNP markers designed specifically for forensic genetic genealogy. It is ideal for crime scene evidence that resulted in limited amounts of DNA to conduct SNP testing utilized for forensic genealogy.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

NGS is a massively parallel second-generation sequencing technology that is high throughput and fast. It is more sensitive and can even be used to develop phenotyping markers like hair and eye color with SNP testing. This data will provide investigative leads which will allow an agency to narrow down a suspect pool fast!

ForenSeq Signature Prep Kit

The ForenSeq Signature Prep Kit can be used to develop an autosomal, Y-DNA, and X-DNA STRs simultaneously with SNP data. All of this information is gained with the same amount of DNA previously needed for an autosomal STR profile alone!

Targeted testing will transform how to solve cases with difficult DNA evidence like bones and degraded DNA that have not yielded a CODIS hit or a match to known DNA profile. Whole Genome Mitochondrial testing finishes out the new suite of tools DNA Labs International has implemented on the Miseq™ platform.

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