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    DNA Labs International
    700 W Hillsboro Blvd Bldg 3
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

    Phone: (954) 426-5163

    We have a team dedicated to coordinating all court activity. For any court-related questions or scheduling information contact

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    8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday – Friday
    Please call for appointments on evenings and weekends.

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    At DNA Labs International we are a team that provides clients and victims with results. We are always looking for people who share our values and can contribute to the work we do.

    Thank you for taking an interest in our lab.

    Now Hiring! Please contact us at


    Kirsten Charlson
    Founder & President

    Submit A Case

    Download the Form

    Download the Case Submission Form

    Download Form

    Fill Out the Form

    Fill out the form and send in one
    of the following three ways:

    • Fax to (954) 697-0218
    • Email to
    • Or include it in the evidence package

    Pack the Evidence

    Seal the evidence carefully in a tamper proof
    manner with initials and dates over the seals.

    Package the evidence in a secure box or shipping container.
    Include in the package a copy of the Chain of Custody.

    Deliver the Evidence

    Evidence items may be delivered in two ways:

    • You may drop off the evidence in person.
    • Alternatively, you may send the evidence using a
    traceable carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Priority Mail).
    Overnight shipping is recommended.

    Address for Mailing or Drop Off:
    DNA Labs International
    700 W Hillsboro Blvd Bldg 3
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


    Submit a case in four easy steps

    Cost-effective, accurate results and a successful outcome all start with how you submit your casework.

    Make the submission process easier by following these four simple steps and you’ll have your analysis in no time.

    Submit a Case

    fill out the form


    Fill Out the Form

    pack the evidence


    Pack the Evidence

    deliver the evidence


    Deliver the Evidence