MAY 2020

Solving Crime with New DNA Technology from the
Crime Scene to the Forensic Laboratory

Tips for the Crime Scene
i. What’s Changed?
ii. Lessons Learned
iii. Controlling the Scene
iv. Evidence Collection
v. Item Specific Evidence Collection
vi. Communicating with the Lab and Law Enforcement
DNA 101
i. What is DNA?
ii. DNA Testing Process
iii. Importance of Evidence Collection to the DNA Testing Process
New Technology
i. Hair Shafts
ii. STRmix
iii. Phenotyping
iv. Genealogy
v. M-Vac
vi. Body Fluids – Urine/Menstrual Blood Testing
Date & Time: May 27, 2020 | 10am EST
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APRIL 2020

You Don’t Know a Scientist Until You’ve Met Them in Court:
Making the Most of Your DNA Expert’s Testimony

Description: This webinar is designed to be fun for attorneys and DNA Analysts alike! Rachel & Rachel will give you tips to prepare for court, lessons learned and guidance on DNA expert witness testimony! We encourage questions to be emailed to us ahead of time to Rachel@dnalabsinternational.com.
Date & Time: April 28, 2020 | 10am EST
Webinar has passed, but you can view the full Zoom recording here.




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